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RealNetworks Founder Launches Facebook Video Chatting

2 Mar
Gone are the days of poking! The new video chatting app for Facebook allows you to politely “knock.” Originally posted by PCMAG.com.

Sara Yin
By Sara Yin , 2/28/2011

The founder of RealNetworks has launched an app that lets people video chat on Facebook.

Billing itself as a pioneer in “social video” chat, the app enables video chatting for up to nine Facebook users at once, through an Apple FaceTime-like interface. Once you allow the app to access specific Facebook information, you can instantly connect to Facebook friends or video chats related to Facebook Groups and Pages. The app ideally caters to video conferences of five to seven.

“Users can join or start as many groups as they like so they can easily connect to like-minded individuals around common interests, hobbies, Facebook networks, families or anything else. It’s easy to join a group by searching for a topic or joining one of the recommended groups,” the company said in a press release.

Co-founder Rob Glaser, founder and former CEO of RealNetworks, said SocialEyes combines four elements: “the Facebook Social Graph, no-download Flash Video, a group system that lets people easily connect with other people in meaningful ways, and a twitter-like feed – to create a brand new kind of social video experience.”

The other founder, Rob Miller, is a former senior vice president for music products at RealNetworks and co-founder of Avogadro, an instant messaging system.

The technology, demoed on Monday at the DEMO emerging technologies conference in California, is based on Adobe Flash 10 and peer-to-peer video connections.

People can mute their video chats, and if you do, other participants can poke you with a “knock” if they have something important for you to hear.

According to DigitalTrends.com, SocialEyes chose to debut on Facebook to demonstrate its social media capabilities, but could roll out to other social networking platforms in the future.

SocialEyes is available for free in beta at www.socialeyes.com or via Facebook’s apps.