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You’re never too old to say thanks

25 Jul

As a parent, I realize the importance of manners in every day life.

I really spend a lot of time each day pointing out when my daughter should say “thank you”, in hopes it becomes second nature. Say “thank you” when someone gives you a present. Say “thank you” when somebody holds the door. Say “thank you” when someone gives you a compliment.

As adults, we don’t need reminders for the typical thank you moments. But many of us may need reminders to do so beyond the typical door openings and gift receiving.

Once a week our team at BMF thinks of someone who had an effect on us or works with us – big or small – and we write that person a note of gratitude (not via e-mail either; handwritten to be more personal). We feel it is important to thank those you are thankful for!

Gratitude is one of the gifts you can give others and we at BMF are grateful to all of our clients, coworkers, partners, vendors and families for all they do for us, THANK YOU!

Natalie Monroe
Burgie MediaFusion