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Burgie MediaFusion puts the TEAM in TEAMwork

25 Feb

BMF thrives off of TEAMwork. Our team, though small, is mighty! We believe we have a very well rounded staff. We have social butterflies, we have more technical writers, we have analysts, we have social media mavens…we have it all. Our team is like a well oiled machine with many working parts.  We are all involved in each others’ projects so we can assist when needed. No one likes being out of the loop and the more we know as a unit the better we will serve our clients.

We are also not afraid to collaborate with other marketing firms to give a client the best product possible. Currently we have a client, (GreenScapes Landscape Company) and because of the scope of the job it was best to partner with another firm (The McClain Group) to achieve maximum results. We are able to work together and concentrate on each of our strengths, ultimately benefitting the client.

We do what it takes to make it work, working as a team is what makes us who we are!

Natalie Monroe
Burgie MediaFusion Account Executive
o: 800.713.0445