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Never an ordinary day at the office

18 Jul

The BMF team is fortunate in so many ways: we work with great people, have great clients and we genuinely enjoy what we do. What’s more? The office space. Now we aren’t bragging or anything (well, maybe a little bit), but we get to work in one of the most unique and beautiful office spaces in Columbus. Developed by richardsonsmithproperties.com, our office building is actually a renovated barn…although you would never be able to tell…

Check out some pictures from their website and Facebook page below:

(photos courtesy of Neon Sky Creative Media)

Like what you see? Join us! There is still space available and we would love to have you! Call Doug Langston, the Building Manager, directly at 614-560-7667. If not, you should still stop by and see us sometime (hey- you can bring lunch too…just a suggestion) at 1266 Manning Parkway in Powell.