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Honor, ethics and understanding

1 Aug

At BMF, we have a high standard of ethics and truly operate with the mentality that “you are only as good as your word.”  We try to understand each of our clients view points and act on their best behalf.

Recently, I worked with a company who did not operate under our same standards. In dealing with them, I decided to take a moment and let them know how much I felt they were hurting our industry (Seriously, you would have laughed if you heard the conversation on the phone…I felt like my mother trying to teach someone a lesson).  I felt the need to reach out and tell them some positive changes they could make going forward.

We all need reminders (myself included) on how to make sure you are operating your business to the best of your ability. Here are some points we discussed:

  • When you make a mistake ask for help.  We all make mistakes and rather than trying to back-pedal, make excuses or rationalize our error.–own the mistake and see how those around you can rally together to help solve your problem and resolve the situation.
  • No one is going to make your job easier for you. At least, you shouldn’t assume they will. We all need to work and do our jobs the best we know how and we should NOT rely on others to double-check, follow-up or complete a task that we are supposed to be doing.
  • Take a deep breath. When a problem arises, it is important to take a deep breath and try to figure out how those on the other end are feeling.  Take time to understand another point of view even if you have nothing to do with the problem. It never hurts to help.

I think it makes for good karma to work with other people and help them….you just never know when your next big mistake is around the corner and you will want to be treated in the same way!

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