LinkedIn is important, too!

8 May

I see it all the time: Underdeveloped, misused, uninformative LinkedIn pages. With 161 million users (as of March 30, 2012) in over 200 countries and territories, keeping your company’s page up-to-date is important! Make sure your company is putting it’s best foot forward with these quick fixes:

Editing tabs

On a company’s profile page, there are the ‘Overview,’ ‘Careers’ and ‘Products and Services’ tabs. Edit these tabs and utilize them to your best advantage.


The first page your readers see is the ‘Overview,’ so make it count! Although you can add up to 1,500 characters, readers only see the first few sentences before having to click a link to read further. Therefore, put the most important information first.

Describe your company’s specialties. These are the words used to describe what you do or what products you produce. You can add up to 20.

If your company has a blog, link it’s URL to the LinkedIn page. This will provide an easy way to keep your profile updated regularly.


This tab costs $195 month and provides an easy way to advertise your company’s openings.

Products and Services

This tab comes at no cost to you. Therefore, it should be edited. In the ‘Spotlight’ you can add images that enhance your company’s products.

Not only can you highlight you products, you can create individual smaller tabs for each product under ‘Enhanced Product/Service Detail.’

A few more quick tips

  • Make sure all  of your social media sites contain a link to LinkedIn. On your company website, insert a LinkedIn Plugin that will allow consumers and users to recommend your page.
  • Ask others to follow your company through Facebook, Twitter and E-Newsletters.
  • Post status updates on your LinkedIn Company Page such as new hires, relevant company or product news and things going on around the office. This will let users know that you utilize LinkedIn regularly. It will also help better your SEO.
  • Link your company’s website so that consumers know where to find out more about your product and/or service.

Shawna Polivka
Burgie MediaFusion

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