Back that thing up

16 Feb

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really hope nothing happens to my computer, my life is on there, my work…my everything” and intended to continually back your information up (as we all know we should do). BUT DIDN’T and then BOOM it happens- the hard drive fails, and you are essentially busted for not doing something that you already knew you should be doing. You are left feeling embarrassed and frustrated at the same time. Then you are in limbo while there are many attempts to retrieve your lost info, and you feel even more foolish that you didn’t back that thing up. You now have to sort through old emails to try to gather up any info you can to resave it to your computer. You spend hours going through archived information, and overall you are still kicking yourself and feeling like an idiot.

So heed my advice, BACK THAT THING UP– trust me, you won’t regret doing it!

(p.s. This happened to a “friend” of mine- I would NEVER be so foolish….)

Natalie Monroe
Burgie MediaFusion
o: 800.713.0445

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