Help your consumer find you online

15 Dec

When consumers want to find a product or a service, they often go to the Internet to find a review or referral that says where  they can get the best bang for their buck. Make sure you are present when they head to referral and recommendation websites.

General referral and review websites

Try to have a registered web presence on at least 2 of the following websites:

Referral and review websites specific to your industry

Research where people are looking for advice on your company’s specific industry, too. I suggest typing “Find a (your service here)” into your search bar and see which sites are most popular.



Home services/contractors:



You will need to take the time to monitor these sites. This will allow you to respond to both good and bad comments in a timely manner.

And remember, Google Local and Yahoo Local are very popular. To appear in the top rankings in searches, make sure your location is marked on your regularly updated social media, blog and website.

Shawna Polivka
Burgie MediaFusion

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