A Time to Reflect

21 Nov

I know most people typically write about why they are giving thanks and we at Burgie MediaFusion are filled with gratitude for all of our many blessings both personally and professionally.  2011 has been a year of great fun and we continue to be amazed at how quickly our world is changing.

As we reflect in the next several weeks, I look forward to sharing some great lessons that I have learned as owner of this great company.  My hope is that by sharing some of our successes and failures we might help others achieve in 2012.  We also invite you to share with us some of your 2011 greatest events and hope that we have an opportunity to learn from you.

Challenge 1: How to Play Nice in the Sandbox…

We learned sometimes you do just have to get up and walk away!

The beginning of 2011 brought BMF a new client, with that new client came existing vendors and suppliers. We knew we would have to learn to “fit in” and play nice in the sandbox.  Typically, we have one or two suppliers in the mix but this particular client had a company they had worked with for years and felt they were the best provider of all things they might need.  After introductions took place it was very clear that us “newbies” were going to have to prove our worth and ability to make it on this new team.

After two weeks; we quickly learned that we didn’t even want to go to practice.  The path and steps we normally took to complete a project were not going to work and it was unknown how to best proceed because continual mistakes, miscommunications and errors were taking place.  We decided to confront our client; express our concerns and try to develop a process and a chain of communication to help minimize errors and keep projects and tasks moving quickly.

We soon learned that our goals and our processes were not going to be used; that we were NOT going to be able to communicate effectively and that we needed to back away.

And for the first time in a long time, we stood up for ourselves, our process and our work model.   It was a great experience for our entire team because we learned that our process does work, our work model helps achieve success and that even though our expectations of our partners are high—we still plan to keep those expectations.  Walking away and standing up for what we knew to be the “right” process helped to define a better working relationship for us with our client and helped them to realize that their expectations were not being met.

But mind you; it is in our DNA to play nice with others so this lesson has proven to help strengthen all of our relationships.  It helped us to learn that when selecting partners you have to outline expectations all the way through the relationships; not just at the start.  We are truly excited to take what we learned and continue to adapt and change to serve our clients better by defining our process with each of our partners.


Barb Burgie

Burgie MediaFusion
o: 800.713.0445


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