Potential vs. Useless: The future of QR codes

10 Oct

Invented in 1994 for tracking parts in Japan’s automotive industry, the quick response or QR code is most influential in Japan and South Korea. However, most people living in the United States don’t know what they are, let alone how they work. This leaves many companies wondering, What’s the point? Do QR codes have a profitable future?

Remember your objective

Some believe that QR codes will ultimately fail because there are other ways to obtain the same information quicker (ironically). If you want the consumer to visit your company’s website, don’t use a QR code; state the URL. QR codes should be an inexpensive way for the consumer to INTERACT with online marketing.

Endless Opportunities

As a general rule, QR codes should lead consumers to a call for action on a mobile friendly site that links the offline content to more online information.

Real estate agents put them on property listings to lead the consumer to videos. Electronic stores place them next to products so that consumers may instantly obtain unbiased reviews of products or an option to buy the product online instead. Retailers may also put them on storefronts so that consumer can be directed to the website and shop 24/7.

People even use them for self-advertising by putting them on laptops, t-shirts, and baseball caps.


Another mobile marketing technology, 1ring addresses some of the problems found with QR codes. Instead of scanning a photo via a smart phone app, 1Ring allows all cell phone users to simply dial a number to audibly learn more information about a product, item or service.

As knowledge of QR codes grows and more people become familiar with smart phones, the effectiveness will depend on the quality of content linked to the code. Although it is hard to predict if QR codes will catch on, you can stay ahead of the pack by making sure your QR code is mobile-enabled, stimulating and interactive.
More information on QR codes today: http://www.allbusiness.com/small-business-qr-codes/16641260-1.html

Shawna Polivka
Student Intern
Burgie MediaFusion

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