Connecting offline content to online content via mobile messaging

7 Oct

The fact that we can now fit what used to take up a whole room, into our pockets is mindboggling…and exciting! It allows advertisers and marketers to reach their consumers on the go.  When successfully integrated, mobile messaging can take a campaign to a whole new level. With 93% of Americans using a cell phone, it would be wise to look at the possibility of adding mobile messaging to your marketing mix!

The good and the bad

Using mobile messaging, or SMS, is an inexpensive way for personal interaction with the consumer. It is a channel for advertising that can be accessed 24/7 and is “within an arm’s reach” 80% of your consumer’s day. It is a link from offline to online content. However, the newer technology has yet to be standardized and has a limited reach.

Why choose mobile messaging?

Mobile messaging is good way to increase brand awareness and introduce new brands. It can create a buzz. 48% of people are already using their phones to find promotions and coupons.

The message

Mobile messages work best when delivering website URLs, coupons and sales notifications. Different channels include:

-Mobile Web

-Text messages

-Mobile PPC & Banner Ads


Text messages should:

-be easy to navigate

-correlate with the rest of the campain

-no more than 160 characters

-have a stimulating subject

-include clickable URLs with the “www”

-allow users to stop receiving texts and review terms and conditions (via a link)

-contain additional links to share information

You can also send pictures, but this should be used with caution. It could be a great way to say happy birthday or highlight a new product notification or promotion.

Links and mobile sites

In order to have a marketing campaign, you should determine a goal and target market, the mobile message, and how it will be integrated with other parts of the campaign.

Keep in mind that your site needs to be mobile friendly. This means the website will work best if you:

-Use coding software meant specifically for mobile devices


-DO NOT use Flash, action script or large image

Always test the mobile site on different devices!



When trying to connect your other media with mobile marketing, keep in mind where people generally have the opportunity to use mobile devices such as bus stops, subways, billboards.

The future of mobile messaging

Newer technological advances are sending your previous customer a text message with an incentive to visit your store based on location tracking stating that they are in the area.

Information from:


Shawna Polivka
Student Intern
Burgie MediaFusion

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