Whatever happened to Google+

30 Sep

I received an invite! … (I’m in! I’m part of the elite!)

I uploaded my photo! …(Lookin’ good!)

I figured out how to post! …(Not so difficult.)

I stated every place I’ve lived, found 10 people to join my Circle, and created a profile! ………….


(Now what?)

As Google+ adds gaming to its networking site, makes itself iPad friendly, and continues to compete with its rival, Facebook, many businesses are left wondering what the new social networking site is going to do for their company.

Some wonder it’s worth it to transfer from Facebook to Google+ or to simply create yet another profile. We must remember that it has happened before when user moved from MySpace to Facebook.


Google+ for your business


Google+ developers have admitted that one of its shortcomings is the fact that it does not have profiles that can be specifically used as company profiles. BUT, this feature is expected to be added very soon!


What to expect


Although, Google is keeping most of the details a secret, the business profiles are predicted to have analytic capabilities. Google+ expects its business profile to be more conversational.


Also, Google+ offers a service called Hangouts that allows for group videos. This could change how we interact with clients.


***Google has warned users against creating a personal profile for a business now because the personal profile cannot be converted to business profiles.***


In the meantime…


As of right now, the main selling points of Google+ seem to be the plus button and its simplified privacy controls. Content can be shared with a more specific audience via the Circles. However, third-party marketers have yet to join the mix, so that could quickly change.


(And of course, in case you were wondering, Facebook has already countered this with “Facebook for Business.”)

Shawna Polivka

Student Intern

Burgie MediaFusion

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