Key ingredients for marketing and social media

12 Sep

I found a blog posting I read recently very interesting, it spoke about two key ingredients in marketing and social media. They were 1. Always remember that you are marketing to humans and 2. Just be clear and honest…. Easy enough right?

Here are some excerpts from that blog, full article found here.

Key Ingredient #1: Always remember that you are marketing to humans

“You are marketing to humans.”

Of course, we all know this…but the content we delineate into our marketplace often proves otherwise.

“Social media is not a broadcast medium, it is an interaction medium.” It notes the importance of participating in the conversation without selling all the time: “Share valuable information, share others’ ideas and services, say thank you, and root others on. Be a friend, a champion, and true to your beliefs. That is being human, being social, and being genuine.”

BMF could not have said it better, these are many of the things we strive to do on a daily basis!

Key Ingredient #2: Just be clear and honest

“Clarity trumps persuasion.” So, here’s the secret to great copy: Be clear and honest.

In the end, great content + social media = customers

Natalie Monroe
Burgie MediaFusion

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