QR Codes here to stay

29 Aug

QR codes are becoming common place in advertising.  In a recent post by Mashable (http://mashable.com/2011/03/04/qr-codes-infographic/) great statistics were given about the use of codes, who is using them and why.  Not surprisingly MAC users were the highest operating system users and the increase from July-December 2010 was 1200%.  But are they working?

I think a critical component that hundreds of codes are missing is directing users to specific information.  Many codes direct to a general website and not to specific information.  How is that helpful?  To truly use a QR code “correctly” we suggest the following ideas…

  1. Customize the content and landing page of the QR code
  2. Create an incentive or “call to action” that make the code necessary and inviting
  3. Spice it up—make the code have an identity specific to your company

With these simple tricks we know you will see why QR codes are successful and not just a passing fad.

Barb Burgie
Burgie MediaFusion
o: 800.713.0445
c: 614.560.6896
f: 888.390.0425

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