Making life easier

5 Aug

I am a big fan of everything that make my life easier.

Recently, I received the “automated refill” call from CVS reminding me that my prescription was ready to be refilled.  Then I renewed it. How easy is that? Done! Within three minutes, my prescription was ready to pick-up exactly when I needed it.  Prior to this automated service, I would typically take the last pill and proceed to call that same day (okay, so it was actually around 7pm that night)  to see if they could rush and fill my prescription within the hour. The new automated service has not only made it easier on me, but I’m sure the CVS staff appreciates it as well.

This got me thinking…

What can BMF do to help clients not have to “think” and just respond? We have recently implemented the “Friday Wrap-Up” reports for clients to let them know what we did that week and what we plan to do the next week. This way, our clients have one document outlining all their projects. We also include a “still need from you” section so the client knows what we are waiting on from them; this way, we aren’t bombarding them with e-mails. Since we are a deadline oriented company, we try our best to prevent ever having to say “it’s too late!”

How can your business implement the “automatic refill” for your clients?  How can you make your process a win-win for you and your clients?  Brainstorm with your staff and tell us what you come up with.

I know that for me, CVS has “automatically” ensured they will receive my business for years to come.


Barb Burgie
Burgie MediaFusion
o: 800.713.0445
c: 614.560.6896
f: 888.390.0425

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