What do you use to track your social media mentions?

20 Apr

As we prepare for an upcoming Social Media presentation, one of the items we realized is that folks need to integrate tracking into their campaigns so they always know what is being said about them.  We found over 50 different applications and services, some for free and some not, that help us learn what people are saying.

For the last two years, we have used Google (Alerts, Insights, Trends) and think it is one of the best ways to track what’s going on the web as you can have it automatically sent to you at the end of each day. But beyond that, most applications also provide you the ability to track (Twitter Feeds, LinkedIn Answer).  As we do our research, we will keep you posted on what we find out and we ask that you share with us what you use and what you have found to be the best.

For your reference here are just are two other websites we suggest you review when you are trying to figure out who is talking about your company online:
1. Addict-o-matic
2. Socialmention

Barb Burgie
Burgie MediaFusion
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c: 614.560.6896
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