Equality- at work, at home, at life

29 Jan

We apply something called “the golden rule” at our house. This rule is to treat others like you would want to be treated. My five year old already knows about equality and treating others with respect and kindness…so why can’t all adults enforce, or apply this rule- least of all in the workplace?

Equality is something we believe should be automatic, a given perhaps but as we see daily it is evident it is not. Women still make less in the workforce, racism still exists, laws are still in place that don’t allow everyone the same rights.

Wouldn’t it be great to partner with a business that treats you like they would want to be treated? They would know the things that were important to you and would take those into consideration as if they were making decisions for their own company. They would be honest in their approach and delivery; they would ensure the product you received was only the best.  This is how Burgie MediaFusion chooses to operate.

Part of the reason I love working for Burgie MediaFusion is because I know that these passions of mine are nurtured, supported and practiced. BMF is an equal opportunity workplace. Our clients are treated equally and people’s ideas are explored and fostered.

When it is time to select a company to represent you in business, shouldn’t it be one that operates by the “golden rule”?

Natalie Monroe

Burgie MediaFusion


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