26 Jan

I admit, I totally suck at brainstorming.  I don’t do it right, I automatically shoot down ideas but I LOVE to do it.  I know, it sounds backwards but it is true.

Every time we sit down as a team and need to “brainstorm” ideas I just laugh.  I hope that Natalie and Taylor take their patience pills because I am just so bad when it comes to this process.

What I need to do is practice more and with our awesome new office space I know I am going to get better.  I am going to allow every idea to be right, I am going to write them down and think about them months later and realize the genius idea that I shot down was actually the next million dollar marketing campaign!  It’s going to be a great year of brainstorming…I can feel it.

BTW, while I am trying to do this; if you have any tips or tricks on how to be better at this process…please let us know.

Barb Burgie

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2 Responses to “Brainstorming…”

  1. Jon Petz January 26, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    Most people brainstorming sessions end up as merely party cloudy skies!
    You are not alone in the challenge (and fear) of brainstorming. While the goal and thought process is to gather a vast amount of ideas in a group setting – as that fosters more creativity – the results frequently end up with:
    – A white board that is still white
    – Three people monopolizing the discussion
    – The boss or creator of said meeting, bringing their intended solution into the meeting and working to “influence the group” into believing they came up with it.
    – Lack of focus because the objectives of the session were too broad for real results
    – No real results as action is never taken on the possible ideas
    – “Firehosing” – People spraying down ideas when in the idea phase as opposed to the eval phase (“We tried that and it didn’t work” type comments)
    …Shall I go on?

    Your brainstorming can ROCK instead of SUCK with a few easy SRD’s (Suckification Reduction Devices)

    1) Keep the scope specific. The more detailed you can explain include about the meeting’s desired outcome or concept, the more detailed and on- target the responses. Wide-open topics of discussion will get wide-open results with less chance of real traction. If you have multiple topics to address, break them into separate sessions, or discuss them on different days or in different online folders.

    2) Keep the idea generation focused and short. There’s no time for tangents.

    3) When face-to-face brainstorming groups get are larger more than 10 people, break into smaller groups. Why? Because it’s easy for people and ideas to hide when in large groups. It also evokes a fear of being ridiculed in front of an audience.

    4) Have attendees bring three ideas with them to alleviate the “Tom took my idea” story line.

    5) There is an idea generation phase and evaluation phase. Keep them separate to foster creativity and cohesion.

    Start with these simple elements to take your scattered showers meeting into a true brainstorm.

    If you want more SRD’s on this or your other sucky meeting scenarios – the newest version of “Boring Meetings Suck – Get MORE Out of Meetings, Or Get OUT of More Meetings” is available here: (Wiley Publishing 2011) is available at your favorite bookstore April 19th.

    Good Luck Barb!

    Jon Petz, Chief Engagement Officer, Bore No More
    Keynote Speaker, Master of Ceremonies & Author

  2. Mrs Satterfiled January 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    Relax breath deep let the flow. Run throug let it settle down then pounder each idea then all will come. At this time each persons ideae as one now you have a brain storm that is just the best idea ever,….

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