Graciously Persistent

24 Jan

I often marvel at how many meetings I go to where people complain about the lack of response they receive from prospects, clients and friends.  In marketing, we know lots of things but mostly we know it takes A LOT of work to get a response.

New statistics come out each day about the over 3000 daily marketing messages each of us receive and I laugh thinking of that combined with the personal phone calls, emails, social media postings and in general the information I digest in any day.  I get why people don’t call me back, why clients are slow to respond but I wonder what more I can do…

The answer I have found is just to remind them.  Most of our clients will ask at the beginning of our contract to “be annoying” because they know they forget, they get busy and just need a nudge or reminder.  But what I find to be more important is that you need to be gracious in doing so.

In 2011, our goal as a company is to find our “voice” to enable those of you who read blogs, tweet or enjoy Facebook to figure out who we are.  If I can only share one quality of Burgie MediaFusion it is that we are gracious…we take the time, we follow-up and we know that everyday people deal with thousands of tasks, messages and moments.

So, when I think of our company, I think of our clients and smile…we are so very lucky because they want us to call.  They don’t mind if it is every day and they know when they talk to us we will understand.  That’s pretty cool in my book.

Barb Burgie

Burgie MediaFusion
o: 800.713.0445
c: 614.560.6896
f: 888.390.0425

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